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About Yaz

My name is Yasemin Kanar, better known as Yaz. I was born and raised in the US. My mother is Cuban and father is Turkish. Always had a passion for the arts, music, and pretty much anything were I was able to express myself in ways that only I could control.


I first started doing make-up many years ago, just by collecting as much makeup as I could but never really knowing how to use it. In the recent years is where I took the time to explore the colorful world of make-up from a different perspective. Many thanks go out to all who ever let me do their make-up or even their hijabs, because it was with those that I was able to learn with and grow. 


When it comes to hijab, I think it is very important to have a variety of styles we do as women. When we wear our hijabs, we must feel comfortable, beautiful, and CONFIDENT! <3


I also worked at a bakery decorating fondant cakes for 5 years. Imagination is something that NO ONE can take away from you and I feel that I have been able to explore my inner self fully with the support of family and friends, but mostly from My MOM. "She is my inspiration, my rock, my motivator, and my everything!" 


I'm a very artsy person, but I do have a studious side as well. I am a University graduate who majored in Biological Sciences.  


I got married to my best friend, Zeyad. He is of Egyptian background. We are NOW proud parents of 3 precious children, Sulaiman, Nura and Younis. We are living our life in our Florida home which we've made into our little oasis. I am currently a full time content creator making content based around motherhood, fashion, home decor and so much more and I couldn't be happier!


"I hope I am able to inspire many girls and women to be beautiful both inside and out! Let us all grow together to better ourselves above all!" are all BEAUTIFUL in your own ways! <3


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